Faculty Guide to Textbook Affordability

At Hiram College Bookstore we offer many different options and programs to help our customers find the most affordable course materials possible.

Our Commitment

We are committed to offering all of the course materials for Hiram College in as many formats as we can, and at the best possible prices. We offer top notch customer service, and have the ability to handle things that come up like an Instructor changing their mind about a book and making a switch. When things like that happen, we always work with the student, the same can't always be said of our online competitors, and so if you buy it from us, we've got all your bases covered for you!

Used Books and Book Buyback Program

Our Used book program is built upon an excellent Book Buyback Program. At the end of every semester, students can bring their books back to us, and receive up to 50% of the book price, regardless of whether they bought the book new or used. It is also important to note that they can sell their book back to us no matter where they originally purchased it. We want the student's books and we are willing to pay top dollar for them. There are several factors that affect how much money they get back during book buyback.

1. Has the  instructor reordered the book for the upcoming semester

2. Does the Bookstore need more copies, or have we bought our limit

3. Is the book damaged in any way (missing pages, water damage, binding broken)

4. Is there a pending New Edition of the book, or is the book already an old edition

5. Was the book sold as a bundle, and pieces are missing?

6. Is there a Wholesale demand for the book (are other colleges looking to use this book)

All of these factors are very important when assessing the value of the book, but the most important is, are we reusing the book? If so, chances are good that they will get 50% of the book price. If you (the instructor) know that you will reuse a book, but you haven't turned in a book order, please know that it impacts the students financially!

We order used books numerous times a day, through multiple book wholesalers, trying to stock as many used books as we possibly can. Supply can be limited for newer titles, but if it's out there as a used book, we are going to do our best to get it. Used Books are typically priced 25%-30% lower than their new book counter parts, and if a book is an older edition, we can buy it for cheaper from both the students at buyback, and from the wholesalers, and in return we can sell it for less, passing along that savings to our customers.

Used books are born from new books, so while we would love to offer you all used books, unfortunately, it's just not possible. Books change editions every few years, so sometimes we can only offer a book as new, but through our healthy buyback program, we can offer almost all used copies of these books after a semester or two.

Rental Books

Hiram College Bookstore is also proud to offer Rental Textbooks. Started in the Fall of 2013 with only a few titles, our in-store rental program has grown to over 120 available titles. Response to our program has been overwhelmingly positive and is creating quite a bit of interest on campus. Rental titles are priced at 40% of the new book price and must be returned at the end of Finals week for the semester the book is rented. As long as the book is not damaged and is turned in on time, the rental commitment is fulfilled. However, penalties accrue if the rental book is late coming back, and/or the book is lost or never returned. Just remember to bring it back!


We also offer many titles in E-Book format to our students. E-Books are less expensive than New Books and often times priced similarly to the Used Book. We know that everybody likes to learn and study differently, and this is yet another option we feel is important to offer our students.

Competitive Pricing

In an effort to help keep costs down to our students we have also undertaken yet another cost savings initiative. We have begun shopping our entire booklist online to see exactly how competitive we are. In some instances, contrary to popular belief, we were priced lower than our online competitors. In other instances, we were about the same. But where we really placed our focus was on the titles we were not competitive on at all. What could we do to get ourselves back in the game on these titles? The answer was to lower the prices on nearly 100 titles for the upcoming Fall semester. This will offer a significant savings to our students and the response to previous price cuts has been very positive. Look for the link below on our website to begin comparing prices on your textbooks.