Note: The Bookstore does not stock textbooks within the store. They are provided by eCampus.
Please follow these instructions to order your textbooks and have them arrive in time for your classes!

Before you start, make sure you have a copy of your class schedule in front of you!

1 - Click on Order Textbooks on the home page of this site (, this will open up the textbook ordering system with eCampus

2 - If you need to use Terrier Cash, see instructions below

3 - Click on the "Order Textbooks" Button


- Using your class schedule, In the Pull Down Menus, select your Term, College, and Class. Repeat this step for all your scheduled classes.


5 - Click View Your Materials - this next page will show you all of your options.


6 - You have the option of shipping your order to your residence, or you can select "Use School Address" under the shipping address to have the order shipped to the Bookstore. Orders ship within 24 hours and take about 1 business days to arrive. We will notify you by your Hiram email address when your order arrives, and will hold it at the Bookstore until you are able to come in to pick it up.

7 - If you need further assistance call .



1 - If you have Financial Aid available, please call the Student Accounts Office (330) 569-5117 to transfer the amount needed from your Financial Aid over to "Terrier Cash"

2 - Email or call Shane at 330.569.5205 to notify us that you would like to use your Terrier Cash to purchase textbooks. We have to manually add Terrier Cash to the textbook ordering system for you. When it is ready, we will send you the amount available to use and your "Voucher ID"

3 - When you log in to the textbook ordering system (Order Textbooks


4 - Enter your Student ID number, and the Voucher ID code (given to you in Step 1), click on Access Your Funds. You will then see how much Terrier Cash is available to use. Then proceed to order your Textbooks.