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Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Professional Enhancement
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Introduction to Early Childhood Education, 5e is a proven success in the education market now out in its 5th edition. This new edition offers all of the tried and true, comprehensive information available in previous editions, along with many new and pertinent features and benefits. Most importantly, this book provides a fully comprehensive overview of early childhood education that is solidly based on current research and theories. The student will have at their fingertips an introduction to the field of early childhood education that is grounded in constructivist theory but also includes coverage of other theories. The focus is on developmentally appropriate practice within all levels of early childhood education including infants and toddlers, preschoolers, early elementary school children, and children with disabilities. Many chapters include extensively revised subsections covering appropriateness within a wide range of relevant topics. These topics include the scope and need of the field of early childhood education, the families, teachers and caregivers, and goals, objectives, and evaluations. The bulk of the book examines curriculum, fostering creativity, physical, cognitive, and language development, and social development. Every facet of early childhood education is examined and explained, and with the new enhancements, will leave each reader with a thorough and comprehensive education. There is also new information about professional development to help guide the reader into the field of early childhood education. With a strong focus on DAP (developmentally appropriate practice) as well as updated references, examples from practitioners and legislation information added, this book has become the most comprehensive resource available.
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