Living in the trenches

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Living in the trenches
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Whether you have one child or twelve (do you really have twelve?), they seem to come prepackaged with their own personality. You wonder how much nurture is going into this nature and how you'll ever survive let alone thrive.

In the throes of raising nine children ages three through twenty one, Robbins, the Pater Familius of has penned his thoughts on how to be happy while raising children in such a way that we embrace the imperfect system we call parenthood. We laugh, we cry, we debate and finally agree that parenthood is a unique and individual journey that reveals far more about ourselves than any other pursuit.

In the spirit of Paul Arden's books on marketing, Robbins explores strategies, best practices, ideas, and the never-ending challenges of what it means to be a parent. In the end, he contends, family success and happiness is not only possible while raising children but is really all around us if we but stop, look, and listen.

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