Path of the soul

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Path of the soul
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A rabbi shares his wisdom on the most important journey of all. Drawing from the Talmud, the ancient Greeks, Native American tribes, and the customs and teachings of many other religions, The Path of the Soul provides useful contemplations on the reality and inevitability of death. This inspirational book is not about grieving, consoling, healing, or even about dying - it is a proactive examination of how mortality affects our lives and how to approach death in a way that makes life meaningful and redemptive.

"Kamin offers a compassionate and well-reasoned tour through modern Jewish interpretations of death. There is not so much explanation as the promise of life itself and 'the universe and its elusive yet comforting concept of God, ' as well as the duty to live our lives on earth in a way that uplifts spiritual values and does honor to the memory of the departed. Intelligent and consoling, Kamin's work should be well received by most readers."
-Library Journal

"Rabbi Kamin's book provides you with thoughtful glimpses into the personal realities of dying and death."
-Melvyn Effron, The Jewish Voice of Delaware

"This beautifully written book is filled with real-life stories of Kamin's friends, family, and congregants as well as the timeless wisdom of the scriptures. The Path of the Soul is a poignant and moving work that helps readers to face mortality and provides a new perspective on life." -Rabbi Allen S. Kaplan, Union of American Hebrew Congregations

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